Millenials are known for being the most entitled and lazy generation that exists. But do you know why they’re lazy? Are they spoiled? Are they spoiled by their parents? Is it because they haven’t been taught responsibility? The truth is that although technology has revolutionized our daily lives, we have lost our connection with the Earth.

In the last few decades, the Granite State has gone through a sweet transformation. It’s a good place to live. It’s a good place to invest. And it’s a good place to retire.

New Hampshire has become a popular spot for people looking to start off a career, or simply to live in a beautiful place with tons of opportunities. There is a reason it is named the “Live Free or Die State”.

If you’ve been considering relocating to New Hampshire, this is the place to be.

Let’s turn our attention to the Northeast and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of living in New Hampshire.

Because you never know when you’ll be shocked. At the possibilities that such a tiny country has to offer.

Whether you’re thinking of relocating to New Hampshire. To get away from the worries of the large city.

Alternatively, consider retirement life in New Hampshire. For the next stage of your life.

Whatever the situation may be, Let’s not waste any time.

Because we’re delving into the advantages and disadvantages of living in New Hampshire today…


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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in New Hampshire

If you move to New Hampshire, you may anticipate to experience the following benefits and drawbacks:

  • Natural splendor in a serene environment
  • Low levels of criminality
  • Economic and educational possibilities are plentiful.
  • There is no sales tax.
  • Salaries and earnings are not subject to state income taxes.
  • Property taxes are very high.
  • Winters are harsh and lengthy.
  • There is a lack of variety.
  • There are little urban facilities.
  • From spring through autumn, there is a lot of traffic.

In just a moment, I’ll go through each of these benefits and drawbacks of residing in New Hampshire.

But first, let’s take a look at the major questions you’re thinking about right now.

Why do you want to reside in New Hampshire? Is it a nice neighborhood to live in? Let’s talk about…

Is it a good idea to live in New Hampshire?

Yes. Living in New Hampshire has a number of advantages in my opinion.

However, the state may not be suitable for everyone.

Here are some of the most important facts about “The Granite State.” Regarding your consideration…

New Hampshire is a great place to live for a variety of reasons.

If you like living in a tiny town in a small state.

Having lots of opportunities to see attractive natural locations, work, and attend excellent schools. All of this comes at a fair cost.

Then yeah, please. New Hampshire is a pleasant location to call home.

New Hampshire has a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t live there.

Living in this state, on the other hand, means sacrificing big-city variety. As well as the perks that come with it.

Ethnic cuisines, distinctive shopping experiences, and public transit are just a few examples.

Of course, you may always go to Boston, which is just a short distance away. To get a taste of the big city.

Finally, be conscious. Because New Hampshire’s winters are very cold and snowy.

So, those are the highlights of living in New Hampshire.

Next, let’s go into the specifics of New Hampshire’s advantages and disadvantages…


Natural Beauty In A Calm Environment

New Hampshire, in my opinion, is a scenically beautiful state. Also, there are quiet locations to reside.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe that…

The Landscape Of New Hampshire Is Stunning.

The majority of New Hampshire is rural and undeveloped.

As a result, there are crystal clean lakes in which to swim and fish.

Here you will find rugged mountains to climb.

There are also snowy summits. In order to get some excellent skiing in.

There are also beautiful woods to walk through and explore. Until your heart is completely satisfied.

All of this takes place in a spotless atmosphere. Because New Hampshire is ranked second in the nation for its natural environment by U.S. News.

Air and water quality are excellent. There is also less pollution.

Not to be overlooked. This state, too, has access to the sea…

Living in New Hampshire with Ocean Access

New Hampshire, on the other hand, is not renowned for its long stretches of ocean shoreline.

Because the shoreline in New Hampshire is limited. To put a figure on it, it’s less than 20 miles.

For a state that is bordered by the sea. New Hampshire has the smallest coastline in the United States.

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in creativity. Is fabricated. With a natural beauty that is one-of-a-kind. Several top-rated beaches are included.

And here’s another one of New Hampshire’s unique features…

New Hampshire’s Four-Season Living

Moving to “The Granite State” implies relocating to a state that experiences all four seasons.

Because of the state’s harsh, snowy winters. Then came a lovely spring thaw. Then there are the hot, humid summers.

With a yearly rainfall of around 40 inches. Throughout the non-winter months, uniformly sprinkled.

However, the state, like the rest of New England, shines in the autumn.

With a stunning display of autumn leaves. From the end of September until the beginning of October

And there will be more wonderful things to come from New Hampshire…

Living in a Small to Mid-Sized Town in New Hampshire

New Hampshire epitomizes small-to-medium-sized town and city life.

To begin with, New Hampshire has a tiny population. It is ranked in the lowest quarter of all states. With a population of 1.4 million people.

Manchester is the biggest city in the region. With a population of just 110, 000 people, it is a small town.

Concord, the state capital, with a population of approximately 40,000 people.

Aside from the two mid-sized cities, there are a few more. There are hundreds of tiny communities to select from in this state. When it comes to finding a place to reside.

But there is one place in particular that needs to be mentioned…

Nashua is the state’s second-largest city. With a population of about 90,000 people, it is one of the most populous cities in the country.

It is situated in the state’s center. In the vicinity of the southern border. Massachusetts is not far away.

What makes Nashua so unique? It has consistently been rated as one of the finest locations to live in the US.

Here are some of the benefits of living in Nashua, New Hampshire:

  • Downtown is lovely.
  • Excellent neighbors
  • Small companies that are friendly
  • Mine Falls Park is a park in Mine Falls, New York
  • There are a number of microbreweries in the area.
  • Celebrations of the holidays
  • Farmers’ market in Nashua
  • Programs at the Nashua Public Library
  • Nashua parks & recreation activities
  • Boston is close by.

This leads me to another advantage of residing in New Hampshire…

Low levels of crime


New Hampshire has one of the lowest rates of crime in the country. Both property and violent crime are included.

According to USA Today, New Hampshire has the third lowest crime rate in the nation.

Surprisingly, the border states of New Hampshire. Maine and Vermont were rated first and second, respectively.

Making it to the country’s northeasternmost point. Because of the low crime rate, it is one of the safest places to reside.

But don’t leave. I’m going to give you some additional advantages and disadvantages of residing in New Hampshire.

Excellent Economic And Educational Prospects

It’s possible you’re not aware of it. Because New Hampshire is a relatively unknown state.

This state, on the other hand, has a thriving economy. It comes to life in a variety of ways…

When you live in New Hampshire, you have a low unemployment rate.

Almost everyone in New Hampshire who wants to work. Is employed in the state of New Hampshire.

The state has the second-lowest unemployment rate as of this writing. Of all the states in the United States.

Do you want to know which state has the lowest unemployment rate?

It’s the state of Utah. A state having a population that is youthful and well-educated.

New Hampshire is home to a number of major employers.

Based on the unemployment rate, this is the case. People are kept occupied by a variety of employers.

There are also several well-known businesses. With a presence in the state.

Oracle, Fidelity, UPS, and BAE Systems are just a few of the well-known companies.

However, there are certain employers that are based in the United States. They’re also among of the state’s largest. Based on the number of employees.

Timberland, for example, is a well-known manufacturer of active outdoor clothing. Dartmouth College is another option.

In addition, the University of New Hampshire’s educational system. A collection of public schools and colleges spread throughout the state.

And let’s not forget about schools. They are another another of the many advantages of living in New Hampshire.

Families in New Hampshire have access to excellent educational opportunities.

First and foremost, according to WalletHub, New Hampshire is among the top five states in the US for K-12 education.

As a result, a strong public school education is essential. Is a budget-friendly choice in New Hampshire.

Then there’s Philips Exeter Academy, which is a private school in Exeter, Devon. For students in grades 9 through 12, this is a highly selective private school.

It is one of the United States’ oldest schools. It is also regarded as the finest private high school in the nation by some.

For individuals who want to go to college in the state. Dartmouth College is a member of the renowned Ivy League.

The University of New Hampshire is another option. A well-regarded system of public universities.

After then, it’s your turn. Another advantage of living in New Hampshire…

In New Hampshire, residents may enjoy a low cost of living.

New Hampshire’s cost of living is somewhat higher than the national average.

This includes house pricing. Since the state’s typical house value is almost 19 percent greater than the national average,

It isn’t one of the most affordable states to live in. However, it isn’t the entire tale.

Because the cost of living in New Hampshire is competitive. To a few of the neighboring urban regions.

Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, for example. Where there are a lot of expenses.

And, if you look at the state’s small-town living choices. Where you may get a taste of real life in New Hampshire.

You’ll see that the prices are considerably more affordable. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper place to live, look at the numerous tiny towns here.

Suncook, Rochester, Berlin, and Claremont are just a few examples.

These are the locations where it may be found. Home prices are much lower than the state and national norms.

As a result, the average cost of living in New Hampshire has decreased.

People in New Hampshire who live in close proximity to Boston

If you still can’t locate what you’re searching for in New Hampshire, go to the next step. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about job, education, or items that can only be found in large cities.

Recognize that Boston is just a short drive away. From anyplace in the state’s southern half.

Being in close proximity to Boston. One of the advantages of living in New Hampshire is the opportunity to do so.

Let’s take a look at some more of the financial benefits of residing in New Hampshire…

There is no sales tax.


This is one of the interesting facts about New Hampshire, in my opinion. There will be no sales tax on your purchases.

Because neither the government nor the state. Such a charge is not imposed by local governments.

As a result, the price you see on a product. Is the price you’ll have to pay.

In nearly every situation that I’m aware of. Nothing has been added.

In comparison to other states, this is a great advantage. Because the savings may be substantial. On your regular shopping trips.

Consider purchasing a large-ticket item. Like a vehicle, for example.

For instance, consider Arkansas, which has a high sales tax. This has a roughly ten percent sales tax rate.

Purchasing a vehicle for $25,000 You’ll have to pay an additional $2,500 in sales tax. Ouch!

And just in case you’re curious. New Hampshire is one of three states without a sales tax.

Oregon, on the other hand, is a state on the west coast.

Then it’s on to the land of the great sky. Montana is the name of the state.

Finally, a teeny-tiny nation. This is referred to as “The Small Wonder.”

Delaware is a state on the east coast. Another state that does not have a sales tax.

More Savings on Your Purchases

Here are a few additional pointers. You may use it to save money on anything you purchase.

What’s more, the best part is that it’s free. These resources can help you save money. Regardless of where you choose to reside.

There’s Rakuten’s cashback app, for starters. Where you may earn cash rebates for all of your online purchases.

Also, take note of this. Rakuten will pay you ten dollars in cash. Just for joining up and completing your first online purchase, you’ll get a free gift.

We also utilize the Ibotta cash rebate app. And we mostly utilize it to save money on our grocery shop purchases.

Rakuten and Ibotta work together to save you money in two ways. For purchases made via the internet. Also, for money spent in the supermarket.

However, being able to retain more of the money you earn is a plus. In this condition, everything becomes much better.

Because I’m about to tell you about another one of New Hampshire’s tax benefits…

Salaries and earnings are not subject to state income taxes.


New Hampshire is one of just nine states in the United States. There is no income tax on earned money in this scenario.

However, I cannot claim that this state is the most tax-friendly. Here’s why…

Investment Income Taxes in New Hampshire

When I was a resident of New Hampshire. Investment income is taxed by the state.

As a result, it is not a completely tax-free state.

As a result, anticipate paying a 5% tax on interest and dividend income. There is, however, a tiny exception.

The first $2,400 of investment income, for example, is tax-free for each person. Alternatively, if you’re married and submitting a combined tax return, you’ll pay $4,800.

And don’t forget about taxes if you live in New Hampshire…

Taxes on Massachusetts Income Earned While Residing in New Hampshire

Because of its close vicinity. Many New Hampshire residents prefer to work in Boston.

The state of Massachusetts, on the other hand, levies an income tax on all residents. Residents of New Hampshire who earn money in Massachusetts are included.

This is one of the disadvantages of living in New Hampshire. If you are employed in Boston.

There is, however, a tax exemption for individuals. In Massachusetts, for the first few thousand dollars of wages.

But keep in mind this. If you have a job in Massachusetts that pays you money. The state will very certainly grab a piece of it.

Depending on your individual tax circumstances. It will amount to approximately 5% of the total.

So, if you don’t want to pay any income taxes, this is the way to go. Perhaps you might consider working and residing in Tennessee.

In New Hampshire, how do you manage your money? (or anywhere you live)

With all of the discussion about money, taxes, and investments, it’s easy to get carried away. This is a fantastic method to get your finances in order.

Personal Capital’s online tool is what I utilize. It compiles all of my expenditures into one convenient location. As a result, I’ll be able to put up a decent monthly budget.

Personal Capital also brings all of my investments together. It directs you to a single webpage. And there’s just one login to keep track of.

Then you’ll be able to view your whole financial picture in a matter of seconds. But the greatest part?

Personal Capital is completely free to join and use!

Okay. This ends the list of 5 advantages of living in New Hampshire.

Sounds promising. Isn’t that so?


I’d want to make a balanced case for residing in this state. Alternatively, for deciding not to.

So, here are five of the worst aspects about living in New Hampshire. This will give you a full list of advantages and disadvantages.

It’s also worth noting, in my opinion. How New Hampshire’s flaws are manifested. Are the polar opposite of all that is good about Georgia.


Property taxes are exorbitant.

States are responsible for paying for the services they offer to their citizens. New Hampshire is no exception.

So there’s no sales tax. In addition, there is a highly advantageous income tax policy.

So, where does the government receive its money? The answer is…

When you live in New Hampshire, your property taxes are expensive.

Real estate taxes, for example, are determined by two factors. The first consideration is the state’s property tax rate. Second, the rate is applied to the owner’s property worth.

And it’s the tax rate that catches you off guard. Because the state has one of the highest property tax rates in the nation.

Saving Money on Real Estate in New Hampshire

So, if you’re thinking of buying a house in New Hampshire. Then, whenever possible, save money.

Here are a few pointers…

First and foremost, get a low-interest loan. For great and quick online mortgage alternatives, check out Lending Tree.

And how can you find the best mortgage rate? Check your credit score to see whether it’s in excellent condition.

Credit Karma allows you to check your credit for free. After that, make the required adjustments.

As a result, your mortgage lender will be forced to make a decision. But to get you the greatest loan rate possible. For your house in New Hampshire.

Another reason to avoid relocating to New Hampshire…

Winters are harsh and lengthy.

If you despise the cold. With the chilly weather. There was also a lot of snow.

Then New Hampshire may not be the best place for you. Because cold weather is guaranteed for four months.

Winter in New Hampshire is at its harshest from November through February. The state is experiencing very cold temperatures and snowfall.

What’s the worst case scenario? As early as October, cold fronts may arrive.

The first snowfall of the season may sometimes arrive early. So, beginning in November, be prepared for snow.

Furthermore, the mountain passes and routes in New Hampshire may be hazardous. Because they collect a lot of snow.

All of this adds up to a lengthy period of very cold winter weather. Residents in New Hampshire are looking forward to the arrival of milder spring weather in April.

Next on our list of advantages and disadvantages of living in New Hampshire is…

Diverseness is limited.

New Hampshire isn’t one of the country’s most diversified states. So, before you move, consider about these factors…

Residents of New Hampshire are similar in many ways.

The state has very minimal ethnic variety. And the numbers don’t lie in this case.

Because 9 out of every 10 people in New Hampshire are white.

Another item to consider before relocating to New Hampshire is…

The food in New Hampshire is all-American, with little ethnic diversity.

As a result, there will be no inflow of inhabitants of various races and ethnicities. There isn’t a lot of ethnic cuisine here.

You’ll discover delicious apples, delectable maple syrup, and ocean-fresh fish.

Basically, it’s an all-American diet. That is exactly what you will discover.

Another advantage and disadvantage of living in New Hampshire is…

There Are Few Urban Amenities

Only two towns (Manchester and Nashua) have populations of more over 50,000 people. In this state, there are few big-city metropolitan facilities.

To begin with, there isn’t much in the way of nightlife. When I was a resident of New Hampshire.

And there isn’t a lot of shopping. If you’re looking for unique things. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll find them in one-of-a-kind specialized shops.

In addition, public transit is in short supply. Yes. Buses are available in the major cities.

But that’s all there is to it. So, if you want to travel around the state, you’ll need a vehicle.

Finally, people of New Hampshire often complain about poor internet connection. Especially in the state’s sparsely populated northern portion.

The last disadvantage of residing in New Hampshire is…

From Spring through Fall, there is a lot of traffic.

The natural splendor of the whole state. Also, having access to outdoor activities has a disadvantage.

Because summer tourist carries with it one of New Hampshire’s drawbacks. Specifically, there is a lot of traffic.

Because locals see a noticeable traffic pattern throughout the summer.

On Friday, vehicles drove into the state. As weekend visitors from large urban areas. Looking for some peace and quiet in the countryside.

After that, they leave on Sunday night. As everyone returns home. To prepare for the next workweek.

Okay. That brings me to the end of my assessment of a unique state to live in.

What are the finest aspects of living in New Hampshire? There are also some compelling reasons to avoid relocating to New Hampshire.

In other words, there are benefits and drawbacks to relocating to New Hampshire.

Let’s finish with a summary…


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in New Hampshire

Keep these points in mind if you’re considering relocating to New Hampshire.

The advantages and disadvantages of working or retiring in New Hampshire are as follows:

  • Natural splendor in a serene environment
  • Low levels of criminality
  • Economic and educational possibilities are plentiful.
  • There is no sales tax.
  • Salaries and earnings are not subject to state income taxes.
  • Property taxes are very high.
  • Winters are harsh and lengthy.
  • There is a lack of variety.
  • There are little urban facilities.
  • From spring through autumn, there is a lot of traffic.

With these advantages and disadvantages of living in New Hampshire in mind.

And having some knowledge of what it’s like to live in New Hampshire.

You’ve taken a step forward. And you’re on the correct track.

In order to make the best choice possible. Whether or not to move to New Hampshire. For the sake of your life and that of your family.

More Reading Beyond New Hampshire’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Favorite Web Sites Regardless of where you choose to live!

Several resources for getting the most of your money were highlighted throughout the essay.

The best part is that these tools function no matter where you are. For your convenience, they’ve been summarized below.


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