Selling your home is a big deal and if you are planning on selling the moment you move out, then you need to make sure you are doing everything right. Here are 26 tips for getting top money when selling your home:

Selling a home is the largest transaction many of us will ever make. The process can be both thrilling and terrifying.

There are many different factors that influence what a buyer will pay for a house, from the condition of the house, the location, the size and design, and much more. The most important factor, in my opinion, is the seller. There are lots of other factors that can influence the sale price, but if you have a decent and attractive house, and are willing to deal with the hassle of selling your home, you’ll get more in the end. This blog post is a compilation of tips and ideas that can help you get more money when selling your home.

Homeowners are in a profitable position thanks to historically low mortgage rates and a thriving seller’s market. Property is flying off the shelves, and purchasers are willing to make concessions to get their ideal home. 

Even if sellers aren’t having trouble negotiating right now, there are still some strategies they may use to receive top dollar. Read on to learn essential bargaining techniques and ways to save money during the home-selling process, from working with a standard or discount real estate agent to knowing when to walk away. 

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1. Hire a real estate agent.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

A qualified realtor is one of the most valuable assets you may have during house sale discussions. Before selecting a Realtor, don’t be hesitant to inquire about their negotiating technique. A good agent has been around the block and knows when to ask for what and when to say no. 

It’s crucial to remember that agent commissions vary widely by state (for example, in Florida, the average charge is 6%, whereas in Texas, it’s 5.63%), and the seller normally pays both the buyer’s and their own agent’s commissions. Although this may attract some consumers to avoid hiring a realtor and instead utilize a flat-fee listing service, they should be aware that these services provide less representation. Furthermore, working in

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2. Make a counter offer based on your list price.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

If a potential buyer makes an offer that is less than your asking price, don’t be hesitant to respond with your asking price. In today’s seller’s market, houses are more likely to receive several offers, so this strategy might not be as dangerous as it appears. 

Sellers can estimate what other properties in their area have sold for by using platforms like Zillow and Redfin.

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3. Number of people working at the counter

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

The buyer’s and seller’s expectations for when one will move in and the other will move out may not always coincide. An owner can object to the proposed occupancy date, but they must be reasonable in their request. For example, a week’s delay would be acceptable, but six months is probably excessive. 

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4. Prepare for the unexpected

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

If an offer contains a lot of conditions, the seller can simply cross out the ones they don’t want. Contingencies might also be changed by the seller to meet the buyer halfway. This move may irritate the buyer and cost the sale, but in this seller’s market, owners should be confident that they’ll get a higher offer shortly. is the source of this image.

5. Reverse the terms

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Buyers frequently ask the seller to assist them with some of the financing while they look for a mortgage and save for a down payment. Fortunately, these conditions are easily negotiated. You may agree to the buyer’s terms if you can assist them and are prepared to do so. If you don’t want to, however, you can just tell them no. is the source of this image.

6. Turn down an offer

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Rejecting an offer is a negotiation approach that can pay dividends for individuals who aren’t afraid to play hardball. Rather than responding with a counteroffer, the seller can request that the bidder submit a whole new offer. This shows that they are aware of their property’s worth, and it puts pressure on the buyer to make a larger offer. 

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7. Engage in a bidding battle

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Listing your home and then hosting an open house is one approach to attract many offers. After you’ve seen the house, don’t accept any bids. As a result, purchasers will perceive that they are competing with one another, and they may submit larger bids as a result. It also provides the seller an advantage because the buyer will not know if they have received only one bid. is the source of this image.

8. Set a deadline for your counteroffer.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Counteroffers with an expiration date should be considered by owners who want to sell their property swiftly. If the default expiration date is three days, for example, you can reduce it to one day. The buyer will be forced to make a decision, and the seller will be free to walk on if the counteroffer is not acceptable. 

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9. Arrange for a home inspection.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

A home inspection gives the seller a comprehensive view of the flaws in their home. This enables the seller to foresee the buyer’s objections in advance. If you know you have a leaky roof, for example, you might calculate the cost of repairs into your listed price so you can lower it if the buyer asks.

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10. Refuse to give in to concessions.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Concessions are items that the seller agrees to in order to complete the transaction. This can include paying for points on the buyer’s mortgage, a home warranty package, prepaid property taxes, and other options. Owners may not have to make as many concessions in the current seller’s market as they would in a buyer’s market. Keep in mind that sellers have closing charges as well. 

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11. Assume responsibility for the buyer’s closing expenditures.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

 Many Americans have been financially impacted by the outbreak. Consider this: 43 percent of Americans say they don’t have an emergency fund, and 38 percent say they’ve racked up personal debts of $3,000 or more in the past year. 

With this in mind, some sellers may offer to cover some or all of the buyer’s closing fees in order to expedite the transaction. This strategy is especially effective for homeowners who have had their house on the market for a long time and want to close a sale swiftly. 

Closing expenses vary by state (for example, in Florida, the typical buyer’s closing fees are around $4,200), so sellers should do their homework before offering to pay. is the source of this image.

12. Make a house warranty available.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

If a home is in poor condition or has evident damage, but the owner does not want to spend the time to repair it, the seller should consider offering a home warranty plan to the buyer. We Acquire Ugly Houses, for example, is a company that will buy properties in disrepair for a fraction of their market worth. As a result, selling a home warranty to a potential buyer may be the better deal. is the source of this image.

13. Be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to pricing.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Sellers can consult with their Realtor to learn about market trends and estimate how much their home will be worth in a few weeks. Then they’ll be able to list at that pricing. Owners can also use tools like Redfin to see if their properties are appreciating or depreciating in their region. 

Pricing ahead of the market can aid in negotiations by ensuring that the seller receives the best possible price for their property. When you provide current trends to a buyer, they will find it difficult to argue with your rationale. 


14. Decorate the house

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Staging a home might assist a buyer in visualizing themselves living there. Choosing a pleasing paint color, renting contemporary furnishings, and even baking some cookies can all help a buyer make the final decision. Sellers can even personalize their staging. For example, if they know their home will be viewed by multiple young families, they can setup the home office as a nursery. 

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15. Don’t take things too seriously.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Getting overly personal during negotiations is a common error made by vendors. Buyers employ a variety of strategies, including playing on owners’ heartstrings and making ad hominem statements. If getting the best return on your investment is your ultimate goal, don’t let your emotions get in the way. 

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16. Adopt a win-win strategy.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

It’s important to remember that negotiations aren’t supposed to be a fight. If a seller takes a combative attitude, they risk scaring away potential buyers. Buyers will respect people who begin talks with the purpose of getting the greatest bargain for all parties, and they may be prepared to work with the seller on specific items if they have a win-win attitude.


17. Pay attention!

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

During a property sale, the finest thing a person can do is shut up and listen! Instead than slamming them with demands, truly listen to what they’re asking for. After all is said and done, you will most likely save money. 

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18. Establish boundaries ahead of time.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Know the lowest price you’ll accept before entering discussions. To figure out how much money you’ll get for your house after expenses, use a seller net sheet. This will make it easy to set boundaries ahead of time and recognize when it’s time to leave. is the source of this image.

19. Recognize opposing strategies

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Homeowners should conduct their homework ahead of time to learn about the buyer’s possible counter-strategies. These could include requesting repairs or a home guarantee after the inspection, asking the seller to contribute closing costs, writing a personal letter to the seller, or even learning why the seller is moving and exploiting it. 

Sellers should maintain their eyes on the prize and remain firm throughout negotiations, if at all possible, working through their realtor. They may also propose that the buyer negotiates additional costs, such as requesting a home buyer rebate from their realtor or researching first-time home buying programs.  

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20. Consider selling your home “as is.”

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

If a seller is looking to save money, they can put their home for sale “as is.” This tells purchasers that in order to consummate the deal, the owner will not make any repairs or changes to the property. 

Before advertising their home, homeowners can use tools like Zillow’s Make Me Move to discover what a buyer would be willing to pay for it. It’s a good approach to see what buyers are willing to spend for a property in its current condition. 

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21. Consult a real estate lawyer

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Having a real estate attorney on your side during negotiations can be more powerful than simply having a realtor present. Attorneys are adept negotiators who can battle for a seller more successfully than anyone else. If you’re trying to sell your house without using a realtor, hiring a lawyer is especially important because the potential of litigation might make purchasers jittery. is the source of this image.

22. Seek FSBO assistance

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

If a seller decides to sell their home without the help of a realtor and offers it as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO), a transaction coordinator can offer advise and handle the paperwork and closing formalities (they’re also less expensive than agents). Zillow, Fizber, and SimplyFSBO are just a few of the websites that can assist homeowners in selling their home on their own. 

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23. Avoid haggling with iBuyers.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Working with an iBuyer is a good option for sellers who wish to avoid having to negotiate. These are relatively straightforward transactions, but they only apply to newer properties in good condition. While iBuyers like Zillow Offers and Opendoor may send an inspector to assess the home’s value, their offers are firm. is the source of this image.

24. Arrange for your agent’s commission rates to be negotiated.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Buyers aren’t the only ones with whom merchants can bargain. If a client requests it, an agent may be ready to negotiate their commission rates. Offering to refer friends and family, agreeing to buying your next house with your realtor, selling during off-peak season, and selling your home when it’s currently empty are all strategies that sellers might utilize with their agent. 


25. Hire a low-cost real estate agent.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Sellers can also deal with a bargain broker to save money on agency costs. A discount agent will charge roughly 1% commission, whereas a standard agent will charge around 3%. Some discount agents provide complete service, while others may be discounted because the seller is responsible for additional tasks than when dealing with a regular agency, such as marketing and showing the home. Understan

Clever Real Estate, REX Real Estate, Redefy, Home Bay, Upnest, and Assist–2-Sell are just a few of the bargain brokers available to sellers. 

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26. Recognize when it’s time to leave.

26 tips for getting top dollar when selling your home

Finally, sellers should understand that it is acceptable to walk away from negotiations that aren’t going well. If you’ve tried everything and the buyer still won’t bend, don’t be scared to go on. After all, we’re in a seller’s market, and a better offer is likely to arrive sooner than you think!

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The single biggest factor in your home selling price is the condition of your home. Take your time, paint the walls, clean up the clutter and make the home better than what it was when you moved in. Then list it for sale. It’s a good place to start.. Read more about how to get your house ready to sell in 30 days and let us know what you think.

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You can sell your house fast for top dollar by hiring a real estate agent. A real estate agent will help you with the sale of your house. They will help you sell your house fast for top dollar. Q: How can I sell my house fast for top dollar? You

How can I help my house sell faster?

If you want to sell your house faster, you should really consider hiring an agent to represent you. They are more likely to have your house get sold for a better price than if you tried selling it on your own. Q: What is the best way to sell my car? A:

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If you want to sell your house, you have to give it a good smell. To give it a good smell, you can use some incense and perfumes.

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