The world is moving towards the online world, and when people own a product, they can sell it online and make a large amount of money. The easiest way to sell a product is to put it on a popular website, and the most popular website is One of the most profitable items to sell on is a handmade item. Today, there are thousands of handmade items that are sold on, and they make a lot of money. At the same time, many people are becoming more and more interested in selling handmade items on Amazon, and this is a profitable way to make money.

The world of work has changed dramatically since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Take for example the advent of the Internet, which has completely revolutionised business and allowed small business owners to self-publish their own ‘E-Books’.  Here at HourHighYield we have been fortunate to witness this transformation first hand, as we have been working with small business owners to help them turn their passion into a profitable business.

Recently I was looking at some craft projects to make money online. I looked at the top 1,000 most profitable crafts to sell on Etsy. I was surprised to find there were very few crafts included in the list. I decided to make my version of the list.. Read more about most profitable crafts to sell (2020) and let us know what you think.

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Do you consider your craft hobby to be just that—a hobby? Reconsider your position. 

With so many mass-produced products flooding our lives, desire for genuinely unique, handcrafted objects is on the increase. 

Customers desire products that stand out from the crowd and emphasize their personality and uniqueness. They’re sick of seeing the “Made in [remote nation]” label and want to have a more personal relationship with the companies they buy from. 

You may be that brand as a crafts lover. 

So, how can you earn money selling crafts online and produce things that people want to buy?

To be honest, you stick to the crafts that bring you the greatest money. Here are 45 of the most lucrative crafts to offer online, so you can establish a side business or a thriving company in the craft industry. 

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Where can I earn money by selling crafts online?

First and foremost, you cannot begin creating and building an inventory without first determining where you will sell your goods. Your house’s extra bedroom would be crammed! 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of websites and online marketplaces that provide creatives like you a way to earn money online by selling their creations.

In fact, there are so many choices to consider that you should devote a significant amount of time to this decision. You should think about which site (or sites) would best serve your target audience and assist you develop your internet company. 

Ideally, you should choose 1-2 platforms. Then, exclusively on that site(s), concentrate your efforts on expanding your audience so you can sell more of your goods and scale your revenue.

Here are some of the most well-known websites and services to consider. All of these sites are excellent for selling crafts online:

  1. Etsy
  2. Handmade on Amazon 
  3. Artfire
  4. Shop on Facebook
  5. Zibbet
  6. Society6
  7. Bonanza
  8. iCraft
  9. Storenvy
  10. Folksy
  11. eCrater
  12. Mercari
  13. IndieCart
  14. eBay
  15. Shopify
  16. Create Your Own Website

What are the best places to sell crafts online?

It’s tough to tell which are the greatest sites for profitably selling crafts online, since it depends so much on the kind of craft, your target audience, and your marketing approach. 

However, based on the list above, I believe the following four sites are the greatest for earning money selling crafts online:

1. Etsy


Etsy is the world’s largest online marketplace for handcrafted crafts and products. With over 81 million purchasers globally, it has the biggest online audience. 

That said, it should come as no surprise that competition on this platform is intense, so you’ll have to work hard to stand out. You’ll probably have to pay to advertise your listings, at least at first, so they appear at the top of search results and receive more attention. 

The costs for selling on Etsy are as follows:

  • There are no monthly costs.
  • $0.20 for each listing (expires after 4 months, if not sold)
  • The transaction charge is 5%.
  • 3% plus $0.25 for payment processing 

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2. Handmade on Amazon


Amazon Handmade is a platform for artists to sell their handcrafted goods to Amazon consumers. Amazon Handmade is essentially Amazon’s foray into the Etsy industry in order to grab a piece of that delicious sweet pie. 

It’s important to remember that before you can start selling on Amazon Handmade, you’ll need to fill out an application. Before you may sell your items and open up business, each application is evaluated and inspected individually. This guarantees that the Amazon Handmade area contains only authentic handcrafted crafts and other products. My friends, there will be no mass-produced products here. 

One of the advantages of selling on Amazon Handmade is that you may utilize the Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which provides you access to the Amazon warehouse network as well as national shipping options. 

Additionally, since almost everyone buys on Amazon, you have the opportunity to reach a large number of customers!

Fees for Amazon Handmade include:

  • Per sale, there is a 15% referral fee.
  • There are no listing costs.

Artfire is number three.


Artfire is another site to sell handmade items, vintage goods, and crafts online. Items must fall under their 7 main categories, which are jewelry, wedding, clothing & accessories, children, home & living, craft supplies & tools, and entertainment. 

Artfire offers advantages such as less competitors than other platforms while yet reaching a big audience. Thousands of individuals visit Artfire each month in search of high-quality handcrafted goods and crafts, so it’s certainly worth checking out. 

The fee structure at Artfire is as follows:

  • Standard ($4.95/month), Popular Shop ($20/month), and Featured Shop ($40/month) are the three membership options available.
  • A $0.23 listing charge and a 12.75 percent final value cost are included in the Standard Plan.
  • There is no listing cost for Popular Shop and Featured Shop, and a 4.5 percent final valuation fee.

4. You Have Your Own Website


In the long term, selling crafts on your own website is definitely the most cost-effective option. This is because your yearly website hosting and domain costs are much cheaper than other online marketplaces’ per transaction and payment processing expenses. 

Starting a website is also pretty simple, owing to hosting providers such as Bluehost, which offer a straightforward, step-by-step procedure for buying a domain name and installing WordPress—the website development software that powers the majority of websites online. 

When you sign up for Bluehost’s 36-month plan, you can receive a free domain (of your choice!) for a year and website hosting for as low as $3.95/month. You may then use free tools to create your website and sell your crafts using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. 

However, selling crafts on your own website necessitates the use of social media marketing and advertising to attract attention to your goods. This takes a little longer, but it’s well worth it in the long run.



  • Your company is not dependent on the algorithms of other platforms, which change often and determine whether or not your listings appear in search.
  • It’s just you and your audience. You can create a stronger community around your goods while maintaining full control over your branding and communication with your target market. 
  • You retain a larger portion of the earnings. There are no listing, selling, or transaction fees here. Yes, you’ll have to pay for hosting, a domain, and perhaps ecommerce, but these costs will add up quickly. 

As I previously said, due to Bluehost and the many user-friendly WordPress themes available today, building a website has never been simpler. Check out my article for a step-by-step guide on building your own website:

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Is it really lucrative to make and sell crafts? 

Yes, creating and selling crafts may be a lucrative side business or even a full-time job. Take a look at CaitlinMinimalist, who makes a six-figure living selling jewelry on Etsy. PlannerKate, for example, sells hundreds of stickers and planner accessories on Etsy every month. 

Also, for additional ideas, have a look at the complete list of top Etsy sellers to get a feel of the craft/handmade industry’s potential. 

It’s essential to remember, however, that in order to profit from crafts, you’ll need to account for the cost of supplies as well as other overhead costs. You’ll be properly pricing your goods, paying yourself a salary, and increasing earnings that can be reinvested in the company. 

The following are some expenses to consider:

  • Ingredients and Items – these are the raw materials and craft supplies that you’ll need to create your product.
  • Your hourly pay and the amount of time it takes to manufacture each item are also factors to consider.
  • If you’re storing merchandise in a warehouse or another storage facility, you’ll need storage.
  • Packaging – your goods’ packaging and labeling
  • Costs of shipping your goods to consumers

You may earn excellent money selling your handmade goods and crafts online if you incorporate these costs into your price and target the appropriate audience.

45 Most Profitable Online Crafts to Sell and Earn Money


1. adornment


On virtually every online crafts marketplace, jewelry is a major seller, if not the biggest. Material prices may also be kept low, particularly if purchased in bulk. You may earn a big profit selling beaded jewelry, metal, silver, gold, and other types of jewelry online since everyone enjoys purchasing new jewelry for themselves, their partners, and as gifts!

2. Art & Photography Prints

If you’re a talented painter, graphic designer, or photographer, selling your prints online is a fantastic way to make money. You may either print and send your pictures yourself or use a print-on-demand (POD) service like Printify. POD services handle all of the printing and shipping for you; all you have to do now is set up your online store and start selling. 

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3. Wall decals made of vinyl


Vinyl wall art decals have risen to the top of the list of most lucrative crafts to sell in recent years. You may create your decals using Adobe Photoshop or another illustration application, and then print them at home if you have the necessary equipment. Yes, vinyl decals have greater overhead expenses, but you can also charge a premium price for them.

Farmhouse Signs No. 4

Farmhouse signs give any area a worn, rustic appearance and may be customized, making them extremely attractive to purchasers. You can build them out of repurposed or old wood and produce your own stencils pretty simply.

5. Personalized Name Signs

These are very popular in nurseries, and you know you’ve struck gold when you can get into the infant and children market. Custom name signs are more difficult to create since the wood or other material must be carved into a fine script type (typically). But, given the amount of effort you put into it, the selling price for name signs is quite expensive, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Door Hangers No. 6


Another lucrative craft to sell online is door hangers. Personalized with the family name, initials, or a simple and cheerful “welcome,” they are usually placed on front doors. If one of your craft interests is reusing old wood, this is a wonderful way to earn money.

7. Letters on the Wall

Wall letters are individual cut pieces of wood or other material that may be used to spell out words, names, or phrases, similar to name signs. Wall letters are popular in nurseries and children’s rooms once again.

Candles No. 8

Who doesn’t like a relaxing scented candle? Candles are quite popular and are really very simple to manufacture at home. You may purchase wax, scents, and wicks in bulk and use them to make several batches of candles. And, as we all know, candles have a large markup, so it may be a very lucrative craft hobby!

9. Quilts

Quilts are incredibly stunning, and I have nothing but admiration for those of you who can put these complex designs together and pick out the perfect fabrics in the blink of an eye. Quilts are a wonderful thing to sell online and earn money with, but they do take time to create, so keep that in mind. You can also earn a good amount of money by just selling your quilting designs or quilting materials online.

Pillows No. 10

Is it possible to have too many throw pillows? Well, I don’t believe so, and my sofa is proof of it. Pillows are a simple and fast project with minimal material prices. The options are limitless when it comes to design and cushion type concepts.

Coasters (nine)


Making and selling coasters is another money-making craft idea. Wooden coasters, slate coasters, cork coasters, ceramic coasters…the possibilities are endless. Make them customized to entice customers even more!

Picture Frames No. 12

You may make and sell personalized engraved, painted, or plain wooden photo frames. I’ve included them in my list of the most lucrative crafts to sell since there’s a big demand for them, and you can have a lot of fun designing new ones!

13. Stained-glass windows

The beauty of stained glass is unrivaled. Believe it or not, stained glass lights, suncatchers, windows, and even jewelry may be made.

14. Dishes with Hand-Painted Designs

Selling hand-painted plates is another option for you artists out there to earn money online! On online markets, large hand-painted serving dishes and glasses are particularly popular crafts. Individual dishes may be painted and sold, as well as complete matching dining sets.

15. Mugs & Tumblers

On Etsy, humorous, nerdy, and smart mugs and tumblers are very popular. Almost all print-on-demand providers (like as Printify) will print and mail them for you, making them very simple to create. All you have to do is submit your designs and sell—the rest is up to them!

16. Mason Jars and Everything

What can’t a mason jar be used for? No, I’m serious. Mason jars may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including centerpieces, fairy lights, candles, flower vases, cups, and more. With this DIY pastime, I have a feeling you won’t run out of ideas.

Magnets are number seventeen.


We all have a plain-looking refrigerator that could need a little sprucing up, and magnets are the solution. On craft websites, you may make hilarious, smart, fashionable, geeky, and/or customized magnets that sell like hotcakes. And what can you use to create them? Basically, anything. If you don’t believe me, check out these adorable wine cork magnets!

Baby Blankets (nineteen)

Personalized baby blankets and crocheted baby blankets are big sellers online and one of the most lucrative crafts. To truly entice customers, embroider baby names on them or custom print them with beautiful patterns.

Toys for Children Made of Wood

Plastic toys are increasingly being avoided by parents in order to prevent hazardous chemicals contained in them as well as to minimize their plastic use. To say the least, wooden children’s toys are making a big return. If you’re a skilled whittler, you can earn a lot of money.

20. Toys that are plush

Parents also like plush children’s toys, particularly those that are unusual and well-made. You can earn a good profit selling them online with only a little fabric and filling. 

21. Bows & Headbands for Kids


Is there anything more adorable than a newborn infant wearing a ribbon on his or her head? No, I don’t believe so. Bows and headbands for babies and toddlers are very popular on the internet, and this is another simple and cheap project to create.

Baby Onesies (number 22)

For new parents, baby onesies with adorable, smart little slogans are a popular present or buy. Using print-on-demand services, you may also easily create and market your own personalized baby onesies.

23. Signs for Weddings

If you haven’t noticed, wooden and acrylic wedding signs are becoming more popular. And, in most instances, the lovely pair isn’t cutting and painting their own signs. They already have a lot on their plates! If you have an eye for gorgeous typefaces and elegant designs, this is another money-making craft hobby.

Christmas Decorations No. 24

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a lot of inexpensive Christmas decorations, putting them away, only to discover them damaged and unusable the following year. So, what can you do to alleviate their dissatisfaction and disappointment? Why not create some durable and lovely Christmas decorations that will last them for many holiday seasons?

Ornaments are number 25.

Ornaments are a big one when it comes to damaged Christmas decorations. We’re also sick of the same old boring, low-quality ones. Ornaments may be made out of felt, glass, or wood, and they can even be knitted and sold online. They’ll sell like hotcakes every year if you add some customization choices and a few smart pop-culture allusions.

Birdhouses (number 26)

These aren’t the easiest things to build, but there’s no doubting that there’s a big demand for adorable, handmade birdhouses. You can be very creative and have a lot of fun with them!

Flower & Plant Pots (number 27)


Making ceramic, stone, wooden, or even 3D-printed flower and plant containers is another money-making craft option. You’ll have to factor in supplies, labor, and storage expenses, but this is another popular item on the internet.

Bath Bombs (#28)

Years ago, I recall seeing bath bombs for the first time at a Lush shop. Who knew these teeny-tiny items were about to blow up?! Bath bombs are the greatest and another craft that earns the most money online, despite the jokes.

29. Soap

For many individuals, experimenting with various soaps and scents is almost a hobby. Why not join the soap industry with your own scents and recipe if you have the soap skills?

Lip Balm No. 30

Natural-ingredient lip balms are another lucrative craft to offer. They’re really simple to produce, and you can make them in bulk to save time and money. Furthermore, the markup on them is very substantial, so you’ll make a good profit.

Knitting Patterns 31.

What could be more lucrative than selling knitted items? Of course, I’m selling knitting designs! If you’ve ever tried knitting, you know it’s not always easy, particularly when you’re just getting started. So, using some of your finest knitting ideas and patterns, assist the novices out there.

Headbands are number 32.

You guys, headbands have made a return. All those sloppy buns and updos that we can’t get enough of are to blame. Fabric headbands in a variety of colors and patterns may be sewn or crocheted online.

Headwraps (number 33) 


Headwraps are another thing you may offer (particularly if you already sell headbands). Sewing colorful geometric designs, subdued floral patterns, or neutral hues that go with any outfit can be a lot of fun. These are very simple to sew and have a reasonable markup.

Scarves (number 34)

Scarves will never go out of style, which means that various scarf colors, styles, textures, and so on will always be in demand. Because of this and how simple they are to create, it is one of the most lucrative crafts to sell.

T-Shirts (number 35)

T-shirts unquestionably deserve to be at the top of the list of most profitable crafts. T-shirts are purchased by everyone. You can make some great shirts to meet this demand if you’re a graphic designer, or even if you simply have a knack for coming up with witty little quips. Also, POD providers like Printify will handle the printing and shipping for you.

36. Totes

I’m not sure about you, but I have bags for every occasion and need. Totes with funny, smart, or pop-culture references are always in style and simple to create and sell online. Why? You guessed it: print-on-demand reigns supreme once again!

37. Purses & Handbags

If totes aren’t your thing, purses and handbags are two additional handcrafted items you may sell online. You’ll have to put some effort into them, but they’ll sell well since, for many people, handcrafted is preferable to overpriced designer bags.

38. Cards & Invitations

Cards and invites, particularly in the wedding category, are one of the most profitable crafts on Etsy. You may sell them as downloads or have them printed on appropriate card paper using POD services.

Stickers (nineteen)


When you were a child, did you have a sticker collection? I certainly did! Who’d have guessed that grown-up grownups are as enamored with stickers as they seem to be? Believe me when I tell that stickers sell like hotcakes. PlannerKate, one of Etsy’s most popular sellers, makes a profit off of planner stickers. Get in on the action!

40. Journals & Notebooks

Despite the abundance of technology in our daily lives, nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace a decent leather-bound diary or notepad. Putting pen to paper helps many individuals (including myself) organize their thoughts, increase productivity, and find presence in a chaotic environment. Create attractive, customized diaries and notebooks for bullet journalers, ardent diarists, and regular scribblers to fulfill this need.

41. Organizers

Another lucrative craft to offer is planners, both digital and analog. Did I mention PlannerKate, the Etsy seller who makes six figures? It’s right there in the name.

42. Downloadables

Printables and other digital downloads take a little longer to design and produce, but once they’re listed, any purchases you earn are totally passive. Yes, my friends, passive income. You may create printable worksheets for kids, printable calendars, printable affirmations, printable cards, printable art, and so on. 

Pet Clothes (number 43)


We adore our pets so much that we have bandanas, hoodies, jammies, skirts, shirts, bow ties, and even whole wedding outfits for them. Another major money-making craft option for you expert sewers is pet clothing. They’ll be a hit if you provide personalized embroidery for pet names.

Personalized Pet Supplies (ninety-fourth)

Any pet item that can be customized for a specific individual will sell like hotcakes. Consider pet dishes, pet name tags, collars, leashes, and other accessories.

45. Canine Beds

Every dog owner, I’m fairly sure, goes through at least three beds in their dog’s lifespan. So, sure, additional dog beds will always be in demand. These have a high markup, and pet owners spend a lot for them.

What is the best way for me to price my crafts?

It’s difficult to know how much to charge for your crafts and handcrafted goods. You see, you want to price your goods competitively while still ensuring that each sale generates a reasonable profit. 

So, how do you go about doing that?

Here are four easy methods to help you price your crafts correctly and avoid underpricing or overpricing yourself out of the market.

Step 1: Compute All Fees

Your company will not be able to exist if you spend more money on crafts than you make. So the first step is to figure out all of the expenses of manufacturing, packing, selling, and delivering each item. 

Costs are simpler to categorize into three categories: production expenses, labor costs, and overhead costs. 

Expenses like these will be included in the production costs:

  • Supplies and materials
  • Packaging 

The hourly salary you pay yourself is referred to as labor costs:

  • Create the final result.
  • Product packaging
  • Arrange for the product’s delivery.
  • Respond to emails, provide customer assistance, and other business-related duties.

Overhead expenses include items such as:

  • Fees for selling (listing fees, transaction fees, etc.)
  • Transporting materials
  • Costs of shipping

It’s tempting to ignore labor expenses in order to keep costs low, but you must account for your time and desired hourly pay in your pricing strategy. You can’t possibly be doing all of this for free! As a result, you must ensure that you are compensating yourself in some way. 

So, let’s pretend I’m a bracelet maker who sells them. I’m attempting to figure out how much it would cost to create one bracelet, and I’ve discovered:

  • It costs $1.50 to manufacture each one (production cost).
  • My ideal hourly pay is $20, yet it takes me 30 minutes to make it (labor)
  • Selling and shipping expenses come to approximately $3 per item (overhead cost)  

$1.50 + $10 + $3 = $14.50 is my entire cost (Base Price)

Step 2: Fill in the blanks with markup

Profit is made via markup. If you just sold your crafts at your base pricing, you would only make a profit at the end of the day. And this isn’t even close to becoming a company! 

So you’ll have to figure out your markup. It’s where you’ll put your profit margin, any future discounts you may give, and any other unforeseen costs. 

A reasonable rule of thumb is that markup should be between 10% and 50% of the price. It’s also worth noting that this will be added twice before the retail price is calculated. 

You may also experiment with your markup % to keep your pricing competitive. 

Returning to our bracelet example, let’s suppose I want to try out a 20% markup. The following is my calculation:

$14.50 (base price) multiplied by 20% (markup) is $2.9

$17.40 = $14.50 + $2.9 (Wholesale Price)

Step 3: Determine the Retail Price

The wholesale price is the amount you’d charge a store or retailer to buy the goods from you. It allows the merchant to earn a profit by adding their own markup. 

However, if you’re selling crafts and handcrafted items online, you may use Etsy, Artfire, or your own website as a merchant. All of them have expenses connected with them, so you’ll need to include a markup to pay them. 

This is where your retail pricing is determined. As long as you cover selling expenses, you may change the markup % here to be competitive in your price. 

So, in our bracelet example, let’s suppose I’d want to try out a 20% retail markup once again. As a result, I have a retail price of:

$2.9 (markup) + $17.40 (wholesale price) = $20.30 (Retail Price)

Following that, I’d do market research and compare my product to comparable ones, as well as their price structures. If $20.30 is too much for this specific item, I may experiment with a lower markup. For example, if I do a 5% discount, each bracelet will cost $18.27. 

The most essential thing is that your retail price covers all of your expenses, has a profit margin, and allows you to provide discounts and other buying incentives. 

How can I increase the amount of money I earn through crafts? 

There aren’t going to be enough craft shops or handcrafted businesses to go around. Many times, individuals either price their goods too low to lose money, or they price them too high to pay expenses but discover it’s too expensive for the market. 

It’s a balancing act for every internet company to remain competitive, stand out from the crowd, and make money. 

So, what are some methods for growing a successful craft company and making more money? 

Here are 5 tips to make your craft hobby more profitable:Ezoicreport this ad

  1. Purchase goods and supplies in large quantities. When you buy the ingredients and resources you need to manufacture your goods in bulk, you save money per unit. Craft materials purchased in bulk may often save you money in the long term. 
  2. Profit margins should be increased. You may need to alter your price and improve your profit margin by fiddling with your markup, for example, to earn more money from crafts. Another method to boost your profit margin is to cut labor expenses and discover quicker ways to manufacture goods. Perhaps you’ll manufacture them in batches or devise a more efficient manufacturing method. This will help you increase your earnings in any case.  
  3. Determine your distinct selling point (USP). What distinguishes your product from that of your competitors? What can you do to make your product more appealing to buyers? What is the demographic of your target market, and how can you better serve them? Identifying the answers to each of these questions can assist you in determining your USP, which will increase sales. 
  4. Create a distinct brand and image. Consumers are loyal to brands. Brand loyalty has a significant impact on whether or not we buy anything. Buyers will remember you if you have a distinct brand (a catchy name, cool logo, consistent color scheme, consistent product pictures, etc.). They will be more likely to purchase and become repeat customers if you have a distinct brand.  
  5. Create an effective social media marketing and promotion plan. No matter what niche you’re in or what kind of craft you’re selling, your audience is on social media. Everyone has a social media account. So get out there and discover your folks on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Engage with them and emphasize your brand’s unique selling proposition.

Final Thoughts on Crafting for Profit

Perhaps your craft hobby is now simply a pleasant method for you to pass the time. It’s soothing, enjoyable, and gives you a much-needed creative outlet. 

But what if you were able to earn money from your hobbies? What if you turned it into a successful internet company with a devoted following and a healthy profit margin? 

It may seem to be a dream, but it is not one. People, just like you, are making money from their interests. They’re starting their own internet businesses and being paid to do what they love. 

So why don’t you try it? Why not right now?

Check out these sites for additional money-making ideas:

The 45 Most Profitable Crafts

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Do you enjoy making crafts? There are many crafts that are good for making money, some more than others. These are the best craft to make money in, in 2021, according to HourHighyield.. Read more about most profitable crafts to sell uk and let us know what you think.

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If you are looking to start a business in 2021, you should consider selling food.

What is the most profitable craft to sell?

The most profitable craft to sell is the diamond.

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