Digital Fortunes is a site I’ve been reading for a while now and I am always amazed at what it can find for you. I was looking to buy a domain name for my new web site and I found this company had the name I wanted at a reasonable price. Nice to find an online business that is willing to work with you instead of just taking your money and not giving you a chance to make a deal. I will be buying more domain names from them in the future.

Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Basenese Service?) Digital Fortunes Review (Legit Lou Bas

Digital Fortunes is a digital currency platform that offers you the opportunity to make money by trading crypto currencies from your computer. You may wonder if it’s a scam or not, but as I already said, it’s LEGIT. As I already said, it’s LEGIT. There are many scammers out there. You can always call them out. However, you won’t be able to call out the scammers of Digital Fortunes. This is because there are no scams to call out here. But don’t take my word for it, listen to what other people have to say about Digital Fortunes.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my review of Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes.

While researching a recent presentation by Lou Basenese on a “hidden $15 business” he recommends, I came across this service on the Trend Trader Daily website.

I was enticed to join his Digital Fortunes service after hearing his presentation, so I wanted to learn more about it before signing up. I’ll tell you what I discovered in this review.

Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes: What Are They?

Lou Basenese’s stock advice service, Digital Fortunes, focuses on assisting members in profiting from the newest technological developments.

The service is primarily concerned with technological and biotechnology developments. Lou does, however, keep watch on other trends if he thinks they have the potential to be “interesting and lucrative,” as he puts it.

Autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, biometric identification, 5G, cannabis, and space-based internet technology are among the major topics he is following right now.

It’s worth mentioning that, throughout my investigation, I found that Digital Fortunes is just a renamed version of his current Trend Trader business.

Although they seem to be the same service, they have distinct names and may be found on separate websites. One is featured on the Trend Trader Daily website, while the other is posted on Crowdability.

Digital-Fortunes-Review-Legit-Lou-Basenese-Service trader

1629606013_354_Digital-Fortunes-Review-Legit-Lou-Basenese-Service trader

I’m not sure what the problem is here, but since they both seem to be the same service, I thought it was worth noting.

In any event, Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes is designed to assist subscribers in profiting from new technology and biotech developments.

Subscribers get a new issue every month, detailing the current trend Lou is researching and the business he believes is best positioned to profit from it.

He then shares his suggestion with you, allowing you to select whether or not you wish to buy in the stock via your own brokerage account.

He explains the trend, the technology, and the complete information on the business he’s suggesting and why, including their stock symbol and the price at which he advises purchasing it.

Essentially, you will get all you need to take advantage of his advice.

The businesses he suggests with this service are usually mid-cap to large-cap stocks, and they are part of a growing trend. This implies they have a market value of at least $2 billion, making them less hazardous than small-cap or micro-cap companies in general.

The greater the market capitalization, the more money is invested in the business, and therefore the stock is less volatile. Large caps, on the other hand, have less upward potential.

As part of his Digital Fortunes service, Lou Basenese recommends smaller stocks. However, he has decided to concentrate this service on more established businesses since his approach is to assist you realize 50 percent to 100 percent plus returns with minimal risk.

Which is a little like what Ian King does with Strategic Fortunes.

What has been your experience with it?

Digital Fortunes, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t been around for very long. Lou Basenese, on the other hand, claims to have suggested a number of triple-digit stock trades.

The following are the stocks Lou claims to have recommended:

  • Organovo Holdings owns 343 percent of the company.
  • Apple has a 358 percent market cap.
  • Tesla has a 972 percent stake.
  • Energous Corp has a 749 percent stake.
  • Acme Packet has a 163 percent success rate.
  • OptionXpress is up 1,223 percent.
  • In Resonant, 163 percent
  • Control4 had a success rate of 187 percent.

In his latest advertising of this service, he also mentions the following stocks:

  • Gains of 104 percent on GNMK (25 days)
  • Gains of 118 percent on INO (4 weeks)
  • Gains of 116 percent on VXRT (30 days)
  • Gains of 109 percent on ARCT (one month)
  • Gains of 122 percent on ALT (7 weeks)
  • Gains of 100 percent on OPK (less than 8 weeks)
  • Gains of 243 percent on APDN (45 Days)

If what he says is correct, these are very solid suggestions.

Of course, his previous success does not imply that he will do well in the future. As a result, there’s no assurance that his advice will earn you money.

And you actually need the average of how all of his suggestions have performed since the service started to obtain an accurate assessment of his service’s success.

Because it would include both the winning and losing suggestions, not simply the highlights from the previous section.

Nonetheless, as I’ll explain in the next piece, he seems to be a seasoned investor with a solid track record.

Who is Basenese, Louis, and where did he come from?

1629606014_471_Digital-Fortunes-Review-Legit-Lou-Basenese-ServiceLouis Basenese

Louis Basenese is a former Wall Street analyst who now works as a technology specialist and runs a number of consulting services targeted at helping regular people become better investors.

His entry-level service is Digital Fortunes (also known as Trend Trader). Nonetheless, he offers more expensive services such as Micro-cap Advantage, Biotech Breakout Alert, and Takeover Trader.

He also publishes Trend Trader Daily, a free email newsletter aimed at helping readers get on the “right side of the huge, explosive trends that may affect your investments – and possibly alter your fortunes and your life,” according to Lou.

Lou has contributed to many well-known financial websites, including MarketWatch,, and The Wall Street Journal, in addition to his own services. Over the years, he’s shared his tech investment knowledge on programs like Fox News and CNBC.

Overall, Lou claims to have spent more than two decades studying new technologies and developed his own technique for continuously profiting from them.

He began his career on Wall Street as a consultant and analyst, directing over $1.5 billion for Morgan Stanley, earning him the moniker “billion-dollar man,” according to him.

He’s also founded or assisted in the founding of two businesses.

One of them is Wall Street Daily, a financial media business he co-founded. According to Lou, the site had over 700,000 daily viewers at one time.

The other is Disruptive Tech Analysis, LLC, a business he established in 2014 to offer investors with technological trend research.

If you want a deeper understanding of who Louis Basenese is and what kind of chances he seeks, watch the following YouTube video:


What Are the Benefits of Joining Digital Fortunes?

You receive access to Lou Basenese’s stock selections and the information behind each of his recommendations as a subscription to Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes.

Joining the program usually costs $299 for a 12-month period. Even yet, if you join via one of his promotions, such as the one he’s doing right now promoting satellite internet, it’ll only cost you $99.

In either case, you’ll have access to 12 monthly editions.

Each issue includes Lou’s most recent suggestion as well as a detailed explanation of why he recommends it. He also goes into the trend he’s tracking, the technology, the business he’s promoting, and the company’s management team in depth.

Basically, everything you need to not only follow his advice but also make a better educated choice about if it’s appropriate for you.

After you get his suggestion, you must determine whether or not you wish to act on it with your own trading account.

You’ll also get frequent updates and notifications to keep you up to speed on what’s going on with his suggestions and any adjustments he suggests.

If you join via one of his promos, he’ll usually throw in a few extra reports on technology or biotech, detailing particular companies he’s interested in.

Is Lou Basenese’s Digital Wealth Real?

Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes is not a hoax; it’s a legitimate business operated by a seasoned investor with more than 20 years of expertise.

The service also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, according to Lou’s website. If you join up and decide you don’t like it, you may get a full refund before the end of the month.

As a result, I don’t think Digital Fortunes (or Trend Trader) is a rip-off.

However, I believe some of Lou’s forecasts are too optimistic. As a result, I would take part of what he says with a grain of salt and not immediately implement everything he suggests.

For example, he claims that you may 75X your money in the next months in his most recent ad for a “secret business,” which I just completed researching.

Which, although I suppose that’s conceivable, and he does state it’s unlikely, I thought it was worth noting since some people may join expecting it to happen.

It’s possible, but there’s no assurance. Speculating in the stock market, particularly when it comes to new tech firms, may be quite risky.

He usually recommends mid-cap businesses, which may mitigate some of the risks, so it’s not as risky as some of the other services I’ve examined, such as Innovation Investor.

However, since the majority of his suggestions are based on new technology, it’s critical to recognize the dangers before jumping in.


Digital Fortunes (Trend Trader) by Lou Basenese is a stock advice service that aims to help you benefit from upcoming technological trends.

It costs $299 to become a member. You’ll receive monthly insights and stock recommendations as part of the program, which Lou claims may help you earn steady double- or triple-digit profits in a short period of time.

Overall, I believe it’s worth looking into if you’re looking for a lower-risk way to make money with developing tech and biotech companies than investing on tiny caps.

It’s also a reasonably priced service.

Just bear in mind that following his suggestions, whether in his special reports or in the monthly editions, is not a fast way to become wealthy.

In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope you found it useful. Also, if you’d want to express your thoughts on this service, please do so in the comments section below.

Digital Fortunes Review is a review site that has been around for a long time, and it has an impressive track record. Every time you open up the website, you will see reviews for every digital currency investment, and after reading there reviews, you will feel more confident about the investment of your money.. Read more about elon musk super internet stock name and let us know what you think.

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