In the past, I have worked on building my podcast’s audience, and it has worked out well for me. But, I didn’t make a lot of money with my podcast, and I had to charge a lot of money to the listeners. This was something I strongly disliked, because I am not a scammer and I don’t want to trick people into thinking that I am a professional. One day, I was looking for a way to earn an income with my podcast without having to charge money. So, I decided to try something new.

You may have heard a lot about voice over IP, or VOIP for short, over the past few years. You’ve probably also heard that VOIP is the best way to make money with your voice. While it’s true that VOIP is a great way to make money with your voice, it’s not the only way. With a little bit of research, you can make money with your voice in other ways, too.

If you think that you have a problem with making money with your voice, then you are definitely not alone. Every month, there are millions of people who are becoming more and more aware that their voice can be a source of great income and a career. So, what should you do?

Did you know you can make money with your voice? It may sound a little strange, but in the age of unlimited technology, anything is possible! This is why it has become increasingly popular to work as a voice actor or voice-over. This is especially true for freelancers and teleworkers. If you’re thinking about getting into voiceover work and want to make money online with your voice, read on:

  • What is voice-over?
  • Types of voice talent work
  • The skills you need to make money with your voice
  • How much you can be paid for using your voice
  • Where can you find a job as a voice actor?

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What is an actor’s voice?

Basically, working as a voice actor means that someone uses their voice to dub a particular work. This is usually done to :

  •  Bring a fictional character to life (think cartoon characters),
  • audio narration, or
  • to provide information such as traffic reports or announcements in audio form.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The opportunity to make money as a voice actor has increased dramatically with the increased demand for voice actors. After all, dubbing is essentially a performance, and various industries demand such performances and are willing to pay big money for them!

Types of voice talents jobs

While it may seem at first glance that voice acting is mostly in demand in the entertainment industry, there are many areas where you can get paid for your voice. Before we get into the types of work you can do to make money with your voice, you may be wondering if voice work is for you. Well, you can dive into the world of comedy or dubbing if, among other things:

  • while you go on
  • They like to talk, but they’re camera shy.
  • have an excellent voice modulation, be able to project your voice and speak clearly
  • like reading to you
  • I like to tell stories.
  • be able to communicate information to people clearly and concisely

If you’re ready to get into the voice-over business and use your voice to make money, here are some of the types of voice-over jobs you can consider:


A voice-over tells stories or describes and explains what is happening. This may be for :

  • Audiobooks
  • Documentation
  • Marketing videos
  • Training video
  • Audio Guide


An advertiser usually works to advertise for various purposes. This may include:

  • Audio advertising
  • Audio traffic messages
  • Sound broadcasting of talk shows

3rd actor

This is one of the most interesting types of work for voice actors. Working as a voice actor allows you to diversify your vocal talents. A voice actor can indeed use his voice in many different roles:

  • Animation
  • Cartoons
  • Radio plays
  • Video games
  • Dubbing for television or foreign language film

Additionally, working as a dubbing actor will likely give you significant exposure, increasing your chances of being recognized as a respected talent in the dubbing world!


Podcasts are currently at the height of their popularity. Because people are always on the move, they prefer to receive information in audio format. There are many things you can do with a podcast. You can:

  • Teach in an area you know well.
  • Stories for children
  • Conducting interviews
  • yarn
  • Give motivating tips

As you can see, the opportunities to make money with your voice are endless and the career prospects are more than promising.   word-image-16566 word-image-16567

How much can I earn with my voice acting work?

This largely depends on your experience and the type of project you are undertaking. Here’s a quick guide to give you an idea of what you can earn as a voice actor.

Actuator working type Potential result
Short radio commercial for a small company From $35 to $50
A 30-second commercial for a major brand or company Up to $400.
Audio Books $2000 – $5000

You can also find more tips on how to make money with your voice on Voices, one of the largest marketplaces for voiceover work. When you are considering making money with voice recording, it is important that you do not undervalue your services. A good way to do this is to set a minimum rate for each job you accept. Depending on the amount of practice time, the recording of the actual work, and any post-processing required on the recording, this can be done as follows.

Project payment

In this case, the entire voice-over is paid for at once. This can be a single voice-over or a series of voice-overs, depending on the project.

Temporary payment

The rate here depends on the length of the voice-over or acting. For example: $15 for 20 seconds of voice-over .

Payment by word of mouth

The pace of the number of words you have to play depends on the scenario.

What skills are needed to become a dubbing actor?

There is no denying that the profession of voice acting is quite unique. So there are certain skills you should ideally have before embarking on a career as a voice actor.

Good voice control and modulation

A smooth, clear voice is the most valuable asset of any voice actor. The ability to regulate tone and express oneself clearly and confidently is an important skill for a professional voice actor.

Immaculate statement

This is extremely important. When you dubbing, you are essentially conveying a message or a story. To convey a message through audio, pronunciation is essential, regardless of the language in which the work is dubbed.

Consistency and practice

It is a common misconception that acting or advertising does not seem to be the hardest job. However, the work of a voice actor has many facets. Therefore, it is important that you practice your acting skills consistently. This may include practicing tempo, breathing and pronunciation.

Attention to detail

Know your business! It is important that you can relate to the work that is expected of you. To do this, you can study the scenario carefully and even do some research on the subject of the mission you signed up for.


Whatever job you have, whether it’s a 10 second radio spot or a cartoon series, you’ll probably need acting skills! You have to embody the character you are playing or bring a certain excitement to the role if it is a commercial. If you have acting skills, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting a permanent job as an actor.

How do you start as an actor?

If you woke up one morning and said: Today is the day I can make money with my voice, there are great ways to get started! If you have no experience with Voiceover, you can enroll in a Voiceover training course to get started. word-image-16568 word-image-16569

1.Intro To Voice Over By Julie Eickhoff

A good acting course you can take online is Intro To Voice Over. Julie has been a voice actor since 2011 and has voiced over 100 audiobooks. She is also a certified Audibleproducer. In their FREE mini-course, you’ll learn the basics of voice acting and get an introduction to the fundamental skills you need to launch your voice acting career.   word-image-16570 word-image-16571

2.voiceover of work at home by Julie Eickhoff

If you’re ready to take the leap and invest in your voice acting career, Julie Eickhoff’s Work From Home Doing Voice Overs is a comprehensive and unique voice acting course. Julie teaches you, among other things:

  • Creating the ideal recording space
  • Requirements to work as a voice actor
  • The skills you need to start a career as a voice actor
  • Where do you find work and audition to become a voice actor?
  • How to run a voice-over company

In addition, Julie offers you the option of dividing your course payment into 8 affordable monthly installments.   word-image-16572 word-image-16573

3. Beginner’s guide to voiceover work – Brain Gravy

This free webinar on voiceovers is presented by Hugh Edwards, voiceover and casting director, and Peter Dixon, voiceover artist. You’ll learn how to start a voiceover career and get an exclusive e-book, Essential Voiceover Business, that shows you how to run your voiceover business.   word-image-16574 word-image-16575

4. as a voice actor: Earn money with your vote

This is one of the best selling interpretation courses on Udemy. This is a great beginner’s course that will teach you the different tools and techniques you need to get started in the world of acting. Among other things, this course will help you find your way around:

  • Good recording skills and studio etiquette
  • Basic knowledge of sound editing
  • Create a training demo that you can use when hiring a voice actor.

word-image-16576 word-image-16577

5. Full language training and voice-over

This is another excellent comprehensive language production course that covers language production from A to Z. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to make money with your voice. You will also learn to use Audacity, a popular program for recording and editing audio. This can give you a clearer tone for your acting.

Open positions for voice actors


Voice is the global voice platform # . It is used by trusted brands such as Microsoft, The History Channel and Discovery Channel. It connects buyers of voices with talents who have registered on the portal of Voices. Once you have registered, you will have access to the open positions which you can view and apply for.


Voice123 is the world’s largest marketplace for voiceover and acting services. It has been in existence since 2003 and is dedicated to recruiting talent and voting for buyers. Once your profile is on the Voice 123 portal, you will receive invitations to projects that match your skills. You can then submit your recordings for listening or viewing, negotiate a quote and get the job done.


If you prefer to dub audiobooks, ACX is a good place to develop your acting profile. ACX is an Amazon marketplace where authors, frahlingen and publishers connect with voice actors. Acx has an excellent step-by-step guide on how to start using them. Just create a profile and upload voice samples. You can then search for audiobooks that interest you and listen to them. It’s so simple!


Backstage is a platform that announces open castings and auditions for voiceover jobs. Those in need of talented voices post their vacancies here, and you can send them your samples. Read the ads carefully, as some jobs only accept applications from certain countries.


If you speak multiple languages, you can find work as a voice actor on Bodalgo. They offer synchronization services in over 80 languages! Whether it’s commercials, explainer videos, corporate videos or e-learning presentations, you’re sure to find a voiceover job that matches your skill set.

6.rabbit studio

Bunny Studio is a one-stop shop for all content. It’s very easy to sign up as an artist and once you’ve created your profile, the platform will make sure to find vote buyers for you.

7.language area

Voice Realm is the largest network of casting sites. They are constantly looking for language talent. You can easily upload your details and demos or samples and they will contact you accordingly.


Fiverr is a general marketplace for freelancers where you can create your profile and offer your services. All you have to do is type jobs for voice actors or voice overs into a search engine and you will be found by people looking for voice overs.


Upwork is another great platform for freelancers to post their performance samples and find those looking for vocal talent.


Linkedin is more than just a professional network. If you make sure to update your profile with the voiceover work you have done and indicate that you are looking for voiceover work, this is a great platform to find voiceover buyers and voiceover talents.   word-image-16578 word-image-16579

Tips for successful voice acting

If you want to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors in the voiceover business, there are several things you can do.

  1. Use high-quality recording equipment. TheToedury microphone set is a great set for beginners!
  2. Mastery of audio recording and editing programs such as Audacity.
  3. Exceed customer expectations in tone and presentation of your work. If you are unsure, it is best to ask locally.
  4. Deliver quality voice work atand your existing clients will be sure to recommend you to others looking for voice over actors.
  5. If you use matchmaking platforms, check to see if your customers are willing to leave reviews for you. This will improve your profile and increase your chances of getting recurring voiceover jobs on the platform.

What is the average salary for language mediation work

Now that you have an idea of how to make money with your voice, you’re probably wondering how much you can make. According to ZipRecruiter, voice actors earn on average $76,297 per year. This amounts to approximately $ per hour. However, keep in mind that the more experience you have, the more you can pay for your acting talent. Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to become a voice actor, start looking for voice acting jobs! You see, you can make money with your voice, from the comfort of your armchair. This makes voiceover work an ideal remote job that can be done from anywhere. Remember: The most important thing about working with your voice is that you are constantly improving your skills. With dedication and continuous training, you will become an experienced and well-paid voice actor in no time!

Earn money with your voice (for beginners)

The internet is full of people who make money with their voices, but there are a lot of people out there who think it’s impossible. Making money with your voice is really not that difficult. What you need to do is make the most of the things you already know, and you can do that with a little work.. Read more about voice over jobs for beginners from home and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do beginner voice actors make?

Voice acting can be a lucrative career for anyone with a good voice and a friendly face. With the right training, you can earn a living from your voice, and your career can advance quickly. However, the road to success isn’t easy, and it requires persistence and a lot of hard work. Many people have tried voice acting, but few have been successful. It’s important to remember that success doesn’t come overnight, and that even the biggest names in voice acting don’t make much money at first. When it comes to voice acting, the question of how much does a voice actor make is one of the most asked questions in the industry. Most people don’t realize that while they are asking the question, they are actually the ones answering it.

How much money can you make on voices?

Make Money With Your Voice (For Beginners) While you can make money from voice over work, it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if you’re new to the field. If you’re new to the industry, it’s pretty easy to get started, as you don’t need to do anything more than just record your voice and upload it. But once you become more experienced, it’s important to know how to make money with your voice. is one of the most entertaining and profitable voice-over services in the world. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably thought about making money with your voice. I’ve spent hours researching and testing various business ideas involving my voice, and I’ve realized that some are much more profitable than others.

Can you actually make money on vocal?

The truth is that, there are a lot of chances to make money using your voice. You just have to know the best way to use your voice, it should be tailored to the audience and it should be using the best possible way to convey the message. Everyone knows that it’s required to have a job to make money, but what about making money with your voice? Many people who have a voice, but are not entertainers, often wonder how they can make money with their voice. This article will share with you how you can make money with your voice.

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