If you’re trying to get a product to market but need to get a better understanding of what users do, whether you’re conducting a usability study, a focus group, a customer interview, or a user test, Whatusersdo is the tool for you. Whatusersdo is the only one of its kind that enables you to gather qualitative feedback about your users during the testing process, and then you can record it and upload for your project team to examine.

Every site, every business, every app wants more customers, but the cost is too high. Thats why you want to try sites, but dont know where to start. Whatusersdo will help you earn paid testing opportunities in the form of paid surveys, paid tests, and paid product reviews.

Finding a legitimate way to make money from user testing is a challenge, but not an impossible one. In this review, we explore a few different options, and outline the pros and cons of each one. In the end, we have come up with a solid strategy that uses digital currency to generate a steady income from user testing.. Read more about usertesting and let us know what you think.

In today’s digital-first world, having a well-designed website may significantly improve your company. However, in order to attract more visitors, the website must be user-friendly and appealing to the eye. That’s where user experience, or UX, comes in. The user experience (UX) of your website is what defines how people engage with it. You may anticipate more visitors and higher conversions if your UX is user-friendly. However, you’ll need to utilize a dependable UX testing platform to create a decent user experience. One such platform will be the subject of our Whatusersdo study.

Review of WhatUsersDo


Whatusersdo is a user experience testing tool that enables people or companies to get data on how users engage with their website’s virtual experience. Depending on your requirements, the platform provides various price levels. Sign up for a free trial of the product if you wish to give it a go. We’ve examined some of their most helpful features if you’d want to learn more.

Whatusersdo’s features

Whatusersdo is attractive to digital professionals because of its extensive feature set. It also allows users to earn money while testing the website for others. 

Whatusersdo was founded in 2008 and was later purchased by UserZoom. UserZoom’s outstanding customer list of Fortune 100 businesses demonstrates the trustworthiness of Whatusersdo.

Iteration of design at a rapid speed

One of the most attractive aspects of Whatusersdo, now a UserZoom Company, is the rapid design iteration. Over the course of a two-week sprint, the platform encourages you to make development and design changes based on feedback. With the help of a usability test, you can then listen and see people respond to live sites, applications, and prototypes from afar. 

You may obtain behavioral data like as task completion times, success rates, visual heatmaps, and more once the test is finished. The data is subsequently analyzed, shared with stakeholders, and adjustments are made in the following sprint.

Any designer or product developer may benefit greatly from this kind of input. You may utilize that information to make adjustments in the early phases of development, as well as how you prioritize features. That’s a big assist when it comes to data-driven decision-making.


Putting a number on your user experience

I suggest that you standardize on a few key questions to improve the data’s consistency, efficiency, and validity. Additionally, since it’s so simple to modify test designs as you go, you may use various Whatusersdo research techniques to obtain the appropriate feedback.

Whatusersdo’s strength is its capacity to give a metric measure of a user experience. The software provides both qualitative and quantitative data. The Website Usability Scale (WUS), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and other quantitative measures are available to better understand the testers’ digital experience. 


The qxScore from UserZoom combines subjective and objective characteristics like time on task, success rate, and user attitude like appearance, among others. The qxScore gives you a number out of 100 to help you evaluate the user experience.

The availability of research specialists is another attractive aspect. You may obtain objective baseline UX performance metrics from them, as well as expert views.

You can also check how your website compares to your rivals here. The information you get will assist you in making major changes and propelling your business ahead.

UserZoom Academy may help you improve your UX skills.

The site also includes a wealth of training material and tools to help you expand your UX expertise. They provide certification classes and seminars to help you improve your UX skills and expertise. UserZoom Academy and a UX library are among the available resources. 

A large number of people took part in the testing.

Another appealing aspect of this platform is that it allows you to recruit your own participants. You are free to recruit or invite as many people as you wish through social media, emails, and other methods.

You may, however, take advantage of the 120 million people who have already signed up for the site. These aren’t paid testers; they’re regular people. They come from a variety of backgrounds and may provide some really unique perspectives. Before they can join the panel, the majority of the testers must pass a test to verify that they are capable of completing the duties effectively. 

Every client is unique.

Another appealing aspect is the amount of plan customization available. The platform recognizes that various digital teams have distinct requirements and, as a result, need tactics tailored to their goals. The staff here customizes the strategy depending on a variety of factors. The daily volume of UX research, the number of target users, the requirement for international expert research, UX research workshops, and so on are some of the factors. 

Whatusersdo features a complex price structure for users. It provides a free trial as well as four premium UserZoom packages. You may choose between project price and yearly payments for these.

Starter, Repeat, Regular, and Enterprise are the four pricing levels. 

There are certain features that are similar to all plans, regardless of which one you select. On UX research, for example, you obtain better operational efficiency. You may also track what people are doing, evaluate what they say, and draw judgments. 

This platform has a high degree of security. UserZoom provides the following information to provide the highest level of security. It bears the TRUSTe Privacy Seal and conforms with the US-EU Privacy Shield. It also has the SOC2 Type 2 certification. 


It is now feasible to realize the full potential of your organization’s digital channels using a variety of techniques. Furthermore, actionable insight is based on data and analytics. As a result, you no longer need to rely on your gut sense. Based on your evaluation and analysis, you can make reasonable choices. You may also display brief video snippets to stakeholders for a quick discussion. 

Interviews, intercepts, and other methods of testing are used.

To do UX research, you have a variety of tools at your disposal. Interviews, usability testing, live intercept, surveys, click testing, card sorting, and tree testing are some of the various kinds of testing that UserZoom provides. You may easily smooth out the problems using the information provided by these testers. 

You may, however, choose UserZoom GO in Whatusersdo. You may sign up for a free 14-day trial to evaluate whether the platform fits your requirements and those of your digital team. There are three different options available here: experience, team, and corporate. The Experience plan costs $500 per month and is paid once a year. This is especially beneficial for small teams that just need a few essential characteristics, such as two researcher seats, 40 studies each year, and so on. 

The Team bundle costs $1000 per month with yearly billings. You’ll receive three researcher seats, improved evaluation and reporting efficiency, 60 studies each year, and more. 

The Corporate package is designed for companies that value personalized solutions. You’ll have to contact the UserZoom GO team for a pricing quote. However, you will be given 10 researcher seats, no annual study limitations, and so on.

However, certain features are shared by all UserZoom GO subscriptions. These benefits include limitless free testing with the people you choose, the option to share video clips, the opportunity to perform both moderated and unmoderated testing, and more. 

You’ll have to pay $15 for all of the packages for a 15-minute research if you want to recruit unmoderated participants. Fees for moderated participants are different. Each participant will pay $150 for the Experience package. The Team and Corporate package, on the other hand, costs $45 per person. 

Whatusersdo customer reviews

When asked to write a whatusersdo review, the majority of consumers are enthusiastic about the platform. They all agreed that the platform is simple to use and provides an effective survey method. The ability to get real-time consumer input on their website has aided them tremendously in making improvements. It ultimately resulted in the creation of a user-friendly website. 

Furthermore, companies seem to have benefited from the presence of professional researchers. Furthermore, the individuals chosen for the tests are capable of providing real constructive criticism or praise. The films provided to the companies are very helpful. 

Pricing seems to be a source of dissatisfaction in several Whatusersdo evaluations. That is, however, to be anticipated if you want this level of service. However, the majority of the complaints come from participants who claim that they get much fewer payouts than on other sites. Furthermore, the cancellation of fees due to minor mistakes has generated a lot of controversy. 

Whatusersdo’s Advantages

  • Provides user input from a variety of demographics.
  • You have the ability to invite your client base.
  • The testing panel may be customized.
  • Experts in research are available.
  • Provide seminars to improve your team’s UX expertise.
  • Surveys, remote interviews, SEO, and other tasks are all possible.

Whatusersdo’s disadvantages

  • On the more costly end of the spectrum
  • The user interface might have been improved.
  • Participants have a limited number of tests to choose from, and they expire quickly.
  • The smallest error may result in non-payment.

Last Thoughts

Whatusersdo is a unique user experience testing platform. It is unique not in terms of the services it provides, but in terms of the quality of those services. You may use different filters to evaluate your website’s usability, SEO, and many other factors. It also provides opportunities for individuals to make a significant amount of money by evaluating websites. 

You can now make the necessary adjustments thanks to the abundance of information available in real time. It’s important to remember that the better your user experience is, the more internet traffic you’ll receive. This will eventually show up in your company’s sales and ROI. 

In essence, Whatusersdo provides you with a one-of-a-kind chance to put your website to the test with real-world feedback before launching it. Furthermore, the product’s free trial and several price levels make it even more attractive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does user testing really pay?

User testing is a way for companies to get feedback from users about their products. It can be very helpful in finding out what the users needs are and how they feel about the product.

How much do you get paid on user testing?

I am not sure what you mean by user testing.

How do you get paid for usability testing?

I am paid for usability testing by the company that hires me.

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